An unexpect present :

A vidéo turned by Jean Marie Verneuil during the concert I gave at friend's to celebrate the release of the solo record.



To play music is for me an exchange and for a very long time I did not manage to see where was situated the exchange if I was alone to play. Because of course there is one. For this disk, I did not want either to record a concert, or to go to studio. No more record at my home. What then?

The realisation of this project has required some time of reflection. Playing at my brothers and sisters home during what I've called "The Family Tour" was a powerful experience. It made me choose four very important people in my life as double bass player, and to perform at their home about fifteen minutes each...

The first person to whom I proposed this construction was Barre Phillips. The listening that he gave me and his enthusiasm for this idea helped a lot me to lead it to the end. The irony make that the recording of the solo with Barre was not possible.

The first recorded solo comes alone: " I like you make the sound baptism of my daughter." Small dream evoked by a friend dancer. A few days later I was in Laure's lounge for the sound baptism " intra muros " of the small (not even come) Plume.

To play for Hervé and for Jean has very fast stood out as an obvious fact: with Hervé, our friendship lasts for more than twenty years. We recorded in duet in 2001.

Jean has a completely amazing link with the wood. He also has a big curiosity for the sound world generally, which allows him to enter very different universes and to answer in search of each musician who crosses the door of his workshop as he answered mine.

Greetings : Hugo, Charlotte, Bab, Laure, Jean, Juliet, Hervé (and the birds), his piano, Barre, Andrew, the Collectif Ishtar, and all the artists with whom I regularly work and who gives me the opportunity to develop my work.










New step in my solo work :

A C.D is now available on METAMKINE



Some audio extracts :

Plume :

Hervé - piano :

Jean :

Jean - rabot :







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My solos are done without outside device, only my doublebass, my bow and fingers...

I make the choice not to "prepare" anything, excep the fact to explore ever and ever the sounds possibilities of the doublebass and this other so amazing tool who is the bow...

The other part of my work, huge one, is the connection with the present moment. His sound aspect, from environment to intimate...

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